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Dr.Neil R.Banerjee


Hydrothermal alteration is an important and ubiquitous process between rocks in the Earth’s crust and seawater. To gain more understanding of such processes, two localities are investigated here: the Troodos Ophiolite Complex of Cyprus and the syenitic rocks associated with gold mineralization at the Upper Canada property, Kirkland Lake, Ontario. This thesis reports unique effects of hydrothermal activity. The Troodos Ophiolite samples consist of sheeted diabase dykes, gabbroic and ultramafic rocks in the CY-4 drill hole. The oxygen isotopic signature of these rocks indicates that alteration temperatures increased downhole and channeling of low-temperature fluids occurs at the dyke – gabbro boundary. Observations at the Upper Canada property show surprisingly consistent hydrothermal alteration of the host rocks with albite, sericite, silica, carbonate and pyrite. Mineralization is commonly constrained to narrow alteration corridors with pyrite hosting inclusions of gold. This study points toward the potential for a large intrusive mineralized system beneath the property.

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