Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science




Dr. Richard A. Secco


An experimental technique designed to increase in-situ electrical connections in a cubic anvil press has been developed. Two encompassing cell designs (extruded gasket and pre-formed gasket) were tested with several electrical barrier methods: PVD coatings, G-10/FR-4 and Canvas Electrical (C. E.) phenolic, Teflon and Al ceramic tubing.

Many variations of techniques were attempted and each (n)th attempt was founded on the experience from/observation of the results obtained with the (n-1)thtechnique variation. Eighteen pressure cell configurations were designed and tested. The cells with self-extruded gaskets were unsuccessful due to the destructive nature of the extruding gaskets on the wire leads. The final, successful pressure cell was designed with pre-formed gaskets, machined as a single part using a four-axis CNC mill with a C.E. phenolic insert recessed into one cubic cell face which accommodated two lead assemblies connecting to the internal electrodes of the cell. This technique was viable for applied hydraulic load up to 7,000 psi. It allows for HPHT experiments requiring 4-wire measurement methods to be made using only one anvil pair. This technique will also provide increasingly accurate temperature profiling as well as in-situ pressure measurements for large volume pressure cells.