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Master of Science




Dr. Brock Fenton


Geographical landmarks may be important features for navigation of migrating bats although spatial and temporal activity may depend on species-specific migration strategies. I predicted that latitudinal migrating bats would have higher activity along north-south oriented linear landscape features, especially during late-seasonal migration periods, compared to bat species that migrate within a regional area. I acoustically sampled four species of bats classified as latitudinal and regional migrants. I monitored twelve sites located in southwestern Ontario at four landscape features between May and October 2011. I found that specific landscape features may have greater importance to specific species rather than their migration strategy. Also, latitudinal migratory bat activity increased during the late-seasonal time period however all species activity increased in the mid-seasonal time period. Information, gained with acoustic monitoring, about seasonal relationships of species at landscape features may help identify critical areas used by migrating bats.