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Linnen, Robert.


The Kiena Complex is located halfway between Malartic and Val d’Or in Québec, within the Abitibi Greenstone belt in the Superior Province. This study examined mineralization at the Kiena Complex using detailed core logging, geochemical analysis of wall rock, petrography, EPMA, and gold deportment studies. The analysis and interpretations indicate that the unique sulphide-poor gold-rich quartz veins of the Deep A Zone at the Kiena Complex contain 500 μm2) are located at the contact of quartz and corroded albite grains, and fine gold grains (5-500 μm2) are hosted within the corroded albite.

Summary for Lay Audience

The Kiena Complex, located approximately halfway between the two prolific mining towns of Malartic and Val d’Or in Québec, contains several gold mineralized zones that host gold in brecciated stockworks and quartz carbonate veins with 2-10% vol. sulphide minerals. This is typical of quartz-carbonate-gold deposits in other greenstone belts around the world. In contrast, the Deep A Zone contains unique gold mineralization of sulphide-poor gold-rich quartz ± albite ± carbonate veins that contain 2) grains within albite pores, and as coarser (>500 μm2) grains along the contacts of albite fractures and the quartz. This correlation of gold and sodium/albite in the Deep A Zone was not identified prior to this study.