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Master of Science


Foods and Nutrition


Dr. Danielle Battram


One quarter of the world’s population is thought to have the metabolic syndrome, and first line treatments include dietary strategies for weight loss. Restrictive diet interventions commonly used in research appear to lack long-term sustainability; therefore, other approaches are warranted. The Canadian Healthy Eating Index (CHEI) was used as a framework and outcome measure for a 6-month ad-libitum diet quality intervention that assessed diet quality and key risk factors of the syndrome. Participants (n=23) were randomized to the nutrition program (n=16) or usual care (control) (n=7). Post intervention, CHEI scores increased by 9.1 and 3.4 points intervention and control, respectively (p=0.179). Weight changed by -1.1 and +0.2 kg in intervention and control participants, respectively (p=0.476). No significant differences were observed in blood work. Results suggest a diet quality focused ad-libitum nutrition program may offer an alternative to traditional restrictive approaches to diet interventions.