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Master of Education




Dr. Goli Rezai-Rashti



Drawing upon an anti-racist theoretical perspective based on the work of Dei (1995), this research examines the cross-cultural experiences of Black International students from the Caribbean studying in Canada. The focus is on foregrounding the experiences and voices of the participants. By adopting a case study methodology, I interviewed three female graduate students regarding their cross-cultural experiences at one particular university. This research found that all three of the students were concerned about the existence of racial discrimination in Canada including at the university and spoke of the invariable consciousness of their skin colour. The students’ narratives communicated that there are not enough diversity and opportunities for cross-cultural learning in the university curriculum and that their needs are not adequately addressed. By investigating the diversity that the students perceive to be present at the university and the effectiveness in ensuring equity for minority students, this research aims to increase awareness among educators about the circumstances that adversely affect international Caribbean students.