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Master of Science




Dr. Joan Finegan


The purpose of this thesis was twofold. First, it sought to investigate whether taking a multi-foci approach to the study of workplace incivility would result in differential relations with affective commitment, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions. In general, the results were supported. When the source of incivility was measured jointly, relations between incivility and organizational outcomes were overestimated. Measuring incivility from a supervisor and a co-worker separately showed that incivility from a supervisor was more strongly associated with job satisfaction and turnover intentions. Co-worker incivility was more strongly associated with affective commitment. Second, this thesis critically assessed the dimensionality of the scale commonly used to measure workplace incivility. The Workplace Incivility Scale (Cortina, Magley, Williams, & Langhout, 2001) revealed two factors – covert and overt incivility. Covert incivility had stronger relationships with organizational outcomes than overt incivility. I draw on relational considerations to explain these findings and to discuss avenues for future research.