Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. Gerry Moschopoulos


AC-DC power electronic converters are widely used for electrical power conversion in many industrial applications such as for telecom equipment, information technology equipment, electric vehicles, space power systems and power systems based on renewable energy resources. Conventional AC-DC converters generally have two conversion stages – an AC-DC front-end stage that operates with some sort of power factor correction to ensure good power quality at the input, and a DC-DC conversion stage that takes the DC output of the front-end converter and converts it to the desired output DC voltage. Due to the cost of having two separate and independent converters, there has been considerable research on so-called single-stage converters – converters that can simultaneously perform AC-DC and DC-DC conversion with only a single converter stage. In spite of the research that has been done on AC-DC single-stage, there is still a need for further research to improve their performance.

The main focus of this thesis is on development of new and improved AC-DC single-stage converters that are based on multilevel circuit structures (topologies) and principles instead of conventional two-level ones. The development of a new DC-DC multilevel converter is a secondary focus of this thesis. In this thesis, a literature survey of state of the art AC-DC and DC-DC converters is performed and the drawbacks of previous proposed converters are reviewed. A variety of new power electronic converters including new single-phase and three-phase converters and a new DC-DC converter are then proposed. The steady-state characteristics of each new converter is determined by mathematical analysis, and, once determined, these characteristics are used to develop a procedure for the design of key converter components. The feasibility of all new converters is confirmed by experimental results obtained from proof-of-concept prototype converters. Finally, the contents of the thesis are summarized and conclusions about the effectiveness of using multilevel converter principles to improve the performance of AC-DC and DC-DC converters are made.