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Master of Engineering Science


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Youssef, Maged A.


Fire events represent one of the most severe loading scenarios for reinforced concrete (RC) buildings. In lieu of intensive computational analysis, designers need simplified methods to assess RC members exposed to natural fires. This thesis focuses on the development of a time equivalent (te) to replace a natural fire with an equivalent standard fire, allowing for the implementation of existing simplified analysis methods.

The proposed te is based on the average internal temperature profile (AITP) that develops in a section during fire. Two AITP te are proposed to accurately or conservatively approximate the AITP of natural fire exposed sections. A size adjustment factor (φsize) is also proposed to account for the influence of section dimensions. Suitability of the AITP te in the performance-based fire design of RC beams and columns was examined based on the relationships of moment-curvature, axial load & axial strain, and moment capacity & axial load capacity.

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