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Master of Arts




Hibbert, Kathryn


This autobiographical narrative inquiry investigates what we can learn from my experience as a Chinese international student in both writing and art-based ways, which can inform Chinese international students’ expected supports that can improve their mental wellbeing. The study asks: Are my pre-departure expectations for studying in Canada different from the realities? If so, how and why are they different? And, what is my changing identity to be a Chinese international graduate student? The data sources of the study are my autobiographical memories, posts, blogs, journals, drawings and photography works. Intergroup relationship theories and identity theories are used flexibly as lenses to facilitate my autobiographical narrative along timeline. Multiliteracies theories are used flexibly as a method to write my stories. This study calls on Chinese international students to reflect on their identities; and shows a method to do self-reflection by reviewing social media posts and artworks.