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Doctor of Philosophy




Rezai-Rashti, Goli


This qualitative study explores the impact of the model minority narrative on the educational and social experiences of Vietnamese Canadian youth located in two cities in Ontario, Canada. Critical Race Theory was employed as the main framework in understanding and analyzing these students’ experiences. The study draws on data from semi-structured individual interviews with 15 Vietnamese Canadian high school students. Given the unique demographics of the students, the themes that emerged from this study support the notion that Vietnamese Canadian youth are not a homogeneous group. Their range of academic abilities, achievements, and aspirations are broad. Their stories and experiences are diverse and defy the “model minority” narrative. Based on the findings, the “model minority” stereotype is still in existence and the way in which it shapes the educational and social experiences of these students is complex. The data was divided into six overarching themes. The themes raise important questions about issues of race and racism in educational settings and on racialized students’ educational and social experiences in school.