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Master of Clinical Dentistry




Siqueira, Walter


Objectives: To investigate the effect of histatin 3 on the protein pellicle formation on the orthodontic bracket surface.

Methods: Our study consisted of 4 sample groups. A sample of human parotid saliva without histatin functioned as a control group. Other groups were immersed with or without histatin 3 and human parotid saliva. Each group was incubated for 2 hours in their respective substrate at 37°C. The acquired pellicle from each group was harvested, then analyzed with SDS-PAGE and LC-ESI-MS/MS.

Results: Thirty-nine proteins were identified in the control group, 18 were identified in group 2, and 21 were identified in group 3. Thirteen proteins were common to all groups. Groups immersed in histatin 3 and human parotid saliva showed an increase in the percentage of proteins exhibiting antimicrobial activities and immune response.

Conclusions: There were functional differences in the protein pellicle formed on the orthodontic bracket, suggesting that exposure to histatin 3 may alter pellicle formation. However, structural differences were limited due to redundant characteristics of salivary proteins.