Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


McIsaac, Kenneth A.

2nd Supervisor

Wang, Xianbin

Joint Supervisor


Time synchronization is an issue that affects data accuracy within wireless sensor networks (WSNs). This issue is due to the complex nature of the wireless medium and can be mitigated with accurate time synchronization. This research focuses on the Flooding Time Synchronization Protocol (FTSP) since it is considered as the gold standard for accuracy in WSNs. FTSP minimizes the synchronization error by executing an algorithm that creates a unified time for the network reporting micro-second accuracy. Most synchronization protocols use the FTSP implementation as a benchmark for comparison. The current and only FTSP implementation runs on the TinyOS platform and is fully available online on GitHub. However, this implementation contains flaws that make micro-second accuracy impossible. This study reports a complete FTSP implementation that achieves micro-second accuracy after applying modifications to the current implementation. The new implementation provides a new standard to be used by future researches as a benchmark.