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Master of Science




Lawendy, Abdel-Rahman


Tibiotalar arthrodesis is a surgical procedure, used for the treatment of end-stage ankle arthrosis and instability. There are dozens of described procedures in the literature, all with varying rates of success. Two of the most common reasons for reoperation in tibiotalar arthrodesis are nonunion and infection; few studies have established any associations between patient/surgical factors and reoperation for nonunion and infection.

The first part of this thesis focuses on determining the rate of reoperation to the ipsilateral lower limb and if any patient/surgical factors are associated with reoperation for nonunion and infection. The second part of this thesis turns attention to developing a jig and alignment guide to improve outcomes, and to standardize this procedure. The rationale for developing the jig and alignment guide is based on the success of such devices in improving the outcomes in total hip and knee arthroplasty.