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Master of Arts




Marks, Darren


The intersections of Science and Theology have received a great deal of attention in recent decades. A broad range of approaches and discourse exists within academic environments. Within popular culture, however, the public perception often is that science and theology are in conflict and at odds with one another.

Many authors have attempted to write about science and theology from a dialogical standpoint. Educational projects over the past ten years have attempted to address the supposed conflict between religion and science, and affirm the validity of religious beliefs in a scientific era. Too often, however, scientific concepts are misappropriated as metaphorical illustrations of classical theological formulations. The principal aim of these projects is to offer young people reasons why they can and should continue to adhere to classical/orthodox Christian belief within Western Protestantism.

I challenge both the use of the conflict thesis as the basis to exploring science/theology, and also the misuse of the science/theology discourse as a crypto-apologetic for orthodox Christianity. I propose a methodology and pedagogy for religious education that integrates diverse ways of human knowing – particularly scientific knowledge – into religious education and faith formation programs.