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Master of Science




Laviolette, Steven R.


The cannabinoid system is important for maintaining neuron-to-neuron communication within the mammalian brain. One of the most commonly used substances to alter the cannabinoid system is cannabis. Individuals who are exposed to cannabis report having dissociable effects; both positive and negative. High amounts of THC have been commonly associated with the negative effects of cannabis, whereas CBD can be used to counter these. Pre-clinical evidence suggests that the combination of the two compounds can produce a therapeutic benefit for individuals who are susceptible to the effects of THC. The present study investigates whether the combination of THC+CBD can prevent electrophysiological changes induced by THC. Using In Vivo electrophysiology, simultaneous recordings of single unit activity both in the ventral hippocampal and prefrontal cortex were compared after infusions of cannabinoids into the basolateral amygdala. THC induced changes in the PFC to increase overall activity whereas the combined dose of THC+CBD returned cortical activity to baseline and introduced a potential benefit in reduced hippocampal activity.