Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Siddiqui, Kamran


The present study reports the characterization of transient flow and transient thermal behavior of phase change material (PCM) during solid-liquid phase change (melting) through experimental investigation. Two specific aspects of the current work, both important in the field of latent heat thermal energy storage, are to investigate the influence of the flow behavior within liquid PCM on the melting and heat transfer processes, and the impact of heat source orientation on the underlying melting and heat transfer processes. A relationship between heat source orientation and the Nusselt number was discussed. The results show that the fluid velocity is critical for both the heat transport within the liquid domain and the overall melting pattern and rate. These results further extend the understanding of phase change and the associated heat transfer processes in the PCM and provide comprehensive benchmark data for the improvement of numerical models simulating the solid-liquid phase change process.