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Doctor of Musical Arts




Nolan, Catherine

2nd Supervisor

Hess, John



The genre of Ukrainian art song represents a significant body of work to be discovered. Yet, in the twenty-first century the Ukrainian art song repertoire still remains one of the less explored genres of the Eastern European music, mainly due to the political factors playing a significant role in the history of Ukraine.

The present monograph serves a purpose of a reference guide for singers interested in performing Ukrainian art song. A brief history of Ukrainian art song will explore the development of song as a vocal genre at a certain period in time: the importance of folk song tradition before Byzantine Christianity, the influence of Greek chant during Christianization of Ukraine, the westernization of Ukrainian music, due to Polish and Austrian domination, and finally the birth of Ukrainian classical music with Mykola Lysenko in the second half of the nineteenth century.

A significant number of Ukrainian composers have contributed to Ukrainian art song. The present monograph explores the art song of Kyrylo Stetsenko (1882-1922) as a key figure in the development of the genre. The biography of the composer, detailed analysis of his complete art songs and their poetry, as well as IPA transcription and translation of his songs will serve as an indispensable resource for singers interested in learning Ukrainian art song. In addition, a lyric diction guide to Ukrainian pronunciation provides an explanation of the pronunciation of the IPA symbols and ensures an authentic and professional performance of Ukrainian art song.