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Master of Music




Wright, Ruth


This phenomenological research study explores the impact on female singers’ musical and gender identities when confronted with the socially stigmatized issue of infertility. Participants include women actively involved in singing (N=2), who have experienced the phenomenon of infertility. Participants were recruited primarily through the social media platform of Facebook and participated in three one-hour personal, semi-structured interviews over the course of six weeks. Interview transcripts were analyzed to isolate recurring themes within the narratives. While each participant’s experience with infertility was unique, analysis revealed a common tendency for life course alteration due to their experiences with infertility. These alterations impacted the personal and professional identities of the two participants, including interpersonal relationships, education and career paths, and physical and emotional health. This innovative research positively contributes to the fields of vocal health, pedagogy, and performance by creating a space for open communication on the stigmatized topic of infertility among singers, vocal health specialists, and voice pedagogues.