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Master of Science




Wong, Carol A.


The aims of this study were to assess the relationship between managers’ authentic leadership and workplace bullying among experienced registered nurses and examine whether this relationship is mediated by psychological capital and professional practice environment. This study was a secondary analysis of baseline survey data using a non-experimental, correlational design. A random sample of 478 nurses was obtained from Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. The hypothesized double mediation model was tested using PROCESS for SPSS. Overall, the model accounted for 23.2% of the variance in bullying. Significant direct effects were found between authentic leadership and psychological capital, professional practice environment, and bullying as well as between professional practice environment and bullying. An indirect effect was found between authentic leadership and bullying through professional practice environment but not psychological capital. Findings may be useful to inform strategies to address bullying as well as the hiring, training, and evaluation of managers.