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Master of Arts




Larson-Miller, Lizette


Martyrs were foundational to early Christian life. Their experiences, their commemoration, and their ongoing inclusion in Christian life shaped significant portions of the theology, liturgy, and cultural life of early Christians. This foundation is part of the inheritance of all churches today, including the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC). The ACC states that its own beliefs are best articulated in its liturgies. Much of the belief, understanding, and practice of the ACC’s members is shaped by participation in those liturgies.

In order to understand how the ACC’s theology of martyrs and its liturgical formation of members around this topic, this thesis offers an examination of the importance of martyrs, both historically and in the present, along with some of their fundamental characteristics; a survey of general principles of liturgical formation; and finally examines the texts of the eucharistic liturgies of the ACC which relate to martyrial observances.