Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Simonovic, Slobodan P.


Hydropower dams are complex structures that require a high level of safety. Systems approach and system simulation have provided new insights into evaluating dam safety. System simulation of hydropower dams requires that the physical state of the critical infrastructure be represented. A 1-dimensional hydraulic and sediment transport model was developed within HEC-RAS to address erosion in an emergency spillway for an existing system simulation model. Various inflow events were simulated, and the ensuing erosion was evaluated. A range of Manning’s roughness coefficients were tested and the sensitivity was minimal. Erosion and deposition values were not accurate but offer an understanding of the patterns and relationships with various overflow events. The model will allow for a representation of the physical state of the emergency spillway within the system simulation model for the Cheakamus Dam in British Columbia.