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Master of Science




Dr. Roberta Flemming


A detailed investigation into the mineralogy and chemistry of kelyphitic rims/veins on garnets was conducted using µXRD, EPMA and Raman spectroscopy for a suite of samples from economic and non-economic kimberlites in Canada and South Africa. Mineralogy demonstrates the influence of metasomatic fluids during the reactions which produced kelyphite in all localities and was used to propose P-T regions where kelyphite could have formed. Using chemical analyses of host garnets and the mineralogy obtained for kelyphite, modified chemical reactions representing Types 1 and 2 kelyphite are provided to describe kelyphite reactions in open systems. Elastically-strained secondary garnet is common in Premier samples. Chemical maps of Fe/Ti/Ca/K provide promising relationships.

There is no conclusive relationship between diamond and kelyphite. Furthermore, kelyphite shows no trends characteristic of either economic or non-economic deposits. Results from this project suggest that kelyphite mineralogy/chemistry has no clear application as a discrimination tool in diamond exploration.