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Doctor of Philosophy




Daniel, Omar


…and the songs of another… is a composition of five songs for six voices and live electronics. Voice is the principal tool of sound generation, and the sounds produced by voice are transformed using extended and non-conventional vocal techniques plus electronics. I hence use voice in this manner with electronics to create unique sound development in a new work.

The text in the composition is generated using phonemes through which syllabic sounds are constructed. The electronics are pre-installed modules that come with the software Max/MSP, and each of the five songs applies different processing. These modules are: a spectral harmonizer, a harmonizer, a tapped delay object, a tape delay module that emulates the Roland RE-201 synthesizer, a pitch shifter, and a noise multiplier.

The discussion document outlines the methodology, use of text, electroacoustic modules, and an analysis of key areas in the work. Each of the five movements is discussed in detail, including how text, electronics, and musical elements are applied and transformed. Annotated musical examples accompany the analysis.

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