Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. Hamada Ghenniwa


The new form of digital computational capabilities and internet connectivity are promptly grow. This introduced a new form of computation that is emerging rapidly with cloud computing, mobile computing, wearable computing and the Internet-of-Things. All can be characterized as a class of “Cooperative Distributed Systems” (CDS) in open environment. A major drive of the growth involves massive number of people and organization, that has been engaged within their all daily life aspects and businesses activities. In this context, users’ privacy protection for a becoming crucial and essential requirement beyond the traditional approaches. This requires a formal treatment of “privacy concern” as a fundamental computation concept in CDS paradigm.

The objective is to develop a model for “privacy protection” as base to build a CDS based framework and platform in which various applications allow users to enjoy the comprehensive services in open environments while protecting their privacy seamlessly. The practicality aspects of the framework have been measured from two main aspects, which are the Efficacy aspect and Feasibility. To this end, formal foundations and model of privacy concern have been treated in the context of information management. This served as a base for a practical privacy protection management framework for CDS. It includes a privacy-aware agent model and privacy-based platform for CDS with the ability to support interaction-based privacy protection.

The practical aspects of the proposed models have been demonstrated by developing an Interaction-based CDS platform.