Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Ray, Ajay K.


Hydrogen is a promising alternative energy carrier. Generating hydrogen via photocatalysts is clean and energy saving comparing to the current technology for hydrogen generation. ZnO has been proved to have photocatalytic activities for wastewater treatment by multiple studies. However, there are not enough studies to investigate its potential to generate hydrogen as the photocatalyst under light irradiation. Therefore, we will investigate the photocatalytic ability of Pt/ZnO to generate hydrogen. Triethanolamine (TEOA) was used as sacrificial reagent while Eosin Y was used as sensitizer. Pt/ZnO was characterized and tested for its activity for hydrogen generation in different conditions, which are platinum loading, pH value, EY to catalyst mass ratio, photocatalyst loading, TEOA concentration and light intensity. The results showed that 0.75w% Pt/ZnO exhibited highest activity with hydrogen generation rate of 6.504 μmol min-1 under solar light irradiation.