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Master of Arts




Dr. Susan Rodger


Eighteen women in their second trimester of their first pregnancy who were survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and between the ages of 19 to 48 years old, were interviewed. Each participant was asked a series of questions including their thoughts about becoming a mother and how their lived experiences have changed their perception about raising a baby, their hopes for their baby and how their own beliefs have changed. A thematic analysis was conducted on 18 verbatim transcripts. Transcripts consisted of 120 statements that were coded into 4 major themes. The current research identified four major themes including Change in Perception, Personal Growth, Hope for Child and Spirituality and their subthemes. Results are framed using the Post Traumatic Growth Framework (Tedeschi & Calhoun, 2004). Implications for research and practice are offered.

Keywords: posttraumatic growth, trauma, pregnancy, child sexual abuse