Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Civil and Environmental Engineering


El Damatty, Ashraf A.


Due to the locality and non-stationary nature of downburst wind loading events, their effect on the structural response of transmission line structures is of special nature that differs from conventional atmospheric boundary layer wind loading. Acknowledging such difference, the current thesis aims to quantify the dynamic effect associated with downburst loading on transmission line systems. To achieve that, several steps had to be realized, including experimentally verifying the numerical model used for analysis using wind field that was generated using computational fluid dynamics. The verified model was extended from model scale to full scale, where the wind field used for loading was a combination of mean component generated using CFD, and turbulent component that was synthetically generated using a statistically calibrated numerical technique. Results of the analyses showed that the consideration of dynamic analysis did not affect the computed peak longitudinal reactions. Finally, the wind field used was compared to field measurements to ensure the deduced conclusions can be generalized.