Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Computer Science


Prof. Hanan Lutfiyya


The Internet of Things is a concept that envisions the world as a smart space in which physical objects embedded with sensors, actuators, and network connectivity can communicate and react to their surroundings. Recent advancement in information and communication technologies make it possible to make the IoT vision a reality. However, IoT devices and consumers of data from these IoT devices can be owned by different entities which makes IoT data sharing a real challenge. Sensing as a Service is a concept that is influenced by the cloud computing term “Every Thing as a Service”. Sensing as a Service enables sensor data sharing. Sensing as a Service middleware enables IoT applications to access data generated by sensing devices owned by other entities. IoT applications are charged by the Sensing as a Service middleware for the amount of sensor data they use. This thesis addresses the architectural design of a cloud-based Sensing as Service middleware. The middleware enables sensor owners to sell their sensor data through the Internet. IoT applications can collect, and analyze sensors through the middleware API. We propose multitenancy algorithms for the middleware resource management. In addition, we propose a SQL-Like language that can be used by IoT applications for sensing service discovery, and sensor stream analytics. The evaluation of the middleware implementation shows the effectiveness of the algorithms