Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Biomedical Engineering


Terry Peters


Minimally invasive cardiac procedures requiring a transseptal puncture are becoming increasingly common. For cases of complex or diseased anatomy, clinicians may benefit from using a patient-specific cardiac phantom for training, surgical planning, and the validation of devices or techniques.

An imaging compatible cardiac phantom was developed to simulate a MitraClip ® procedure. The phantom contained a patient-specific cardiac model manufactured using tissue mimicking materials.

To evaluate accuracy, the patient-specific model was imaged using CT, segmented, and the resulting point cloud data set was compared using absolute distance to the original patient data. The phantom was validated using a MitraClip ® device to ensure anatomical features and tools are identifiable under image guidance.

Patient-specific cardiac phantoms may allow for surgical complications to be accounted for in pre-operative planning. The information gained by clinicians involved in planning and performing the procedure should lead to shorter procedural times and better outcomes for patients.