Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. Jin Jiang


The ability to connect a microgrid to the grid is an important step in the development and evolution of the modern power system. The principle objectives of this research are (1) to simulate a simple microgrid consisting of a PEM hydrogen fuel cell, load and connection to the grid and (2) to evaluate the resulting microgrid control system on a corresponding experimental microgrid.

The microgrid simulation demonstrated that the control algorithms can operate the microgrid in both islanded (VSC with voltage and frequency regulation) and grid connected (VSC with current control for power transfer).

The experimental laboratory microgrid was constructed and operated in real-time performing its black start and managed transitions between island and grid connected modes of operation. The synchronization method adjusted the island microgrid to become in phase with the grid and tracked well under steady state and load changing conditions. The synchronization process brought the island in phase with the grid within 400 ms. Passive island detection was demonstrated with the restoration to grid operation. The grid connected voltage and current THD were under 1%.