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Master of Science




Dr. Philip A. Vernon


This research reports the development and validation of the Self-Defeating Interpersonal Style Scale (SELF-DISS), a measure for the assessment of the propensity to engage in the chronic tolerance of mistreatment in relationships. Studies 1 and 2 followed a strategical 7-step process for developing valid and reliable measures. Study 1 proposed a theoretical model and developed a reliable measure to tap the three proposed factors on three scales: Insecure Attachment, Undeserving Self-Image, and Self-Sacrificing Nature. Study 2 replicated Study 1 as well as refined the SELF-DISS model to 35 items that indicated an excellent fit. Study 2 tested construct validity via correlational and modelling analyses using the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and the Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory (MVPI). Results showed strong support for the reliability and validity of the SELF-DISS as a second-order construct with three distinct factors.