Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science




Dr. Donald Saklofske

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Shannon Stewart

Joint Supervisor


The purpose of this study was to develop and assess the validity of two brief measures drawing from the interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health (ChYMH) for screening internalizing and externalizing mental health. Data were collected from children/youths 4 to 18 years of age (N=3464). First, items relevant to internalizing and externalizing disturbances underwent expert content validation. Second, unrestricted factor analyses and item response theory parameterizations were conducted to test the validity of the measurement model. Finally, concurrent validity of these two measures were confirmed based on relationships with other established subscales from criterion measures (e.g., Child Behaviour Checklist). Two separate, 12-item scales were developed based on item representativeness (i.e., S-CVI/UA>0.80) and factor analyses. The final subscales showed high internal consistency and correlated strongly with the appropriate criterion measures. The development of two psychometrically sound brief scale subscales will provide useful information for triaging and prioritizing referrals to appropriate services for children/youths.