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Master of Arts




Dr. Karen Danylchuk


Despite the importance of administrative leadership in high performance sport, minimal attention has been given to the area of leader character by sport management researchers. The current study examined the prevalence, perceived importance, and value of leader character within Canadian interuniversity athletics programs. Leader character was quantitatively measured using the Leader Character Insight Assessment (LCIA) instrument (Crossan et al., 2013a). Differences between sex, position, and experience were also examined. Overall, Accountability and Integrity were the most prevalent leader character dimensions. Sex of administrators did not yield any significant differences between dimensions. Athletic Directors perceived Transcendence to be more important to program effectiveness than Associate Athletic Directors. More experienced administrators placed a higher premium on Integrity than less experienced ones. Administrators and their perceptions of Universities valued leader character similarly. The current study addresses a void present within sport management/leadership literature, and advances the understanding of leader character within Canadian athletics administration.