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Master of Science




Dr. Joe Gilroy


This thesis outlines the synthesis and characterization of asymmetric and symmetric 3-cyanoformazanate BF2 complexes and their incorporation into polymers. CuAAC chemistry was used to synthesize two additional asymmetric BF2 complexes and a side product that was identified as a symmetric dimer. Spectroscopic and electrochemical properties of these compounds are described.

Incorporation of an asymmetric 3-cyanoformazante BF2 complex into polymers was done by ROMP. This reaction was used to make homo, block, and random copolymers, where the comonomer was an organic norbornene derivative. Spectroscopic studies of these polymers revealed that, as the mole fraction of BF2BF2) in random copolymers decreased, the quantum yield of fluorescence increased; this was due to less quenching/self-absorption from nearby chromophores. Thermal and electrochemical properties of all polymers are described.