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Master of Arts




Dr. Peter Jaffe


Homicide perpetrated by a dating partner is a tragic and disturbing event. Risk factors for domestic homicide have been well established for the adult population; however very little research has been conducted on domestic homicide in the youth population. It is important that this population is explored further as female youth (ages 15-24) are at the highest risk for experiencing dating violence. This study analyzed cases of domestic homicide that occurred in Ontario from 2003-2014. The data for this study was provided by the Ontario Domestic Violence Death Review Committee (DVDRC). A total of 18 youth domestic homicide cases (ages 15-24) and 18 adult domestic homicide cases (ages 30-50) were examined. The youth cases were compared to the adult cases to uncover specific risk factors and themes present in youth domestic homicide. Results revealed that youth domestic homicides display similar risk factors to the adult population. However, youth victims were less likely to engage in counselling prior to the homicidal incident and youth perpetrators were found to have more contact with the criminal justice system. Finally, information from case summaries revealed that youth tend to disclose concerns about dating violence to their peers. This study provides several recommendations for interventions regarding youth dating violence and domestic homicides.