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Kelly Jazvac


Combined with a Master of Fine Art thesis exhibition, Gardening at Arm’s Length, this dossier provides supporting components: an extended artist’s statement, documentation of my artwork, an interview with artist Mary Mattingly and my Curriculum Vitae. Throughout the program, I have explored the nature/culture divide and concepts of agency shared by humans and non-humans alike. This work is informed by historical and contemporary artists who are discussed in my artist statement, as well as the theories of place-thought by Vanessa Watts, the dark ecology of Timothy Morton, and the vibrant matter of Jane Bennet. These research components help elaborate on the material investigations undertaken in the studio. My sculptures are based on developing hydroponic systems within assemblages of repurposed objects which support living plants. These sculptures help to highlight the agency of all participants within ecosystems and the acknowledgement of the blended reality of natureculture.

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