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Master of Arts




Dr. Alan Leschied


This study provides an evaluation of the utility of a website and list of resources to aid educators in addressing mental health concerns within schools. It builds on a previous study which assessed the effectiveness and strength of recommendation in implementation for School Based Mental Health (SBMH) programs. In this previous study, ninety nine studies were assessed representing nine areas of mental health concern and / or promotion: emotional intelligence, stigma reduction, mindfulness, anxiety, depression, addictions, suicide prevention, trauma and eating disorders. The results of this program review served as partial content for the creation of a Mental Health Literacy (MHL) website and Program Assessment Tool (PAT). The PAT included nine decision-making frameworks that were created for each area of mental health concern and promotion. The decision-making frameworks served as a support and guide for educators seeking to select and implement a SBMH program. Additional resources were contributed to the MHL website by the research team and the Advisory Committee. Effectiveness of the MHL website and PAT was evaluated via a mixed methods qualitative and quantitative design. Implications for making accessible the MHL website and PAT in supporting educators in making decisions regarding SBMH strategies are discussed.