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Master of Science


Computer Science


Michael Bauer


Efficient and accurate tomographic image reconstruction has been an intensive topic of research due to the increasing everyday usage in areas such as radiology, biology, and materials science. Computed tomography (CT) scans are used to analyze internal structures through capture of x-ray images. Cone-beam CT scans project a cone-shaped x-ray to capture 2D image data from a single focal point, rotating around the object. CT scans are prone to multiple artifacts, including motion blur, streaks, and pixel irregularities, therefore must be run through image reconstruction software to reduce visual artifacts. The most common algorithm used is the Feldkamp, Davis, and Kress (FDK) backprojection algorithm. The algorithm is computationally intensive due to the O(n4) backprojection step, running slowly with large CT data files on CPUs, but exceptionally well on GPUs due to the parallel nature of the algorithm. This thesis will analyze the performance of 3D cone-beam CT image reconstruction implemented in OpenCL on a FPGA embedded into a Power System.