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Doctor of Education




Dr. Augusto Barrera-Riveros


This study aims to characterize the leadership practices related to the promotion of organizational learning and a single school culture in a consolidated grade 7 -12 school in a school board in Ontario. The research adopts a qualitative single case study approach that uses semi-structured interviews with a variety of current and former leaders in the school board, field notes and archival and current board correspondence. A brief examination of literature on educational leadership, school culture, and organizational learning will provide the necessary conceptual framework to identify and analyze understand the practices that sustained the consolidation of 7-8 grades from various local K-8 schools and one 9-12 school into a large 7-12 school. Eacott’s (2013) conceptualization of leadership as a social practice which takes into consideration the social context in which leadership practices emerge, aligns with the purpose of this study. It is the intent of this research project to provide rich descriptions of the leadership processes that have taken place during the consolidation process and to offer further recommendations for similar processes in grade 7 -12 schools across the province.