Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science




Alexander Timoshenko

2nd Supervisor

Rob Cumming

Joint Supervisor


Galectins are a group of β-galactoside-binding proteins involved in different cellular processes including stress responses and differentiation. The role and expression of galectins under oxidative stress and during neutrophilic differentiation was examined in HL-60 cells. Galectin gene (LGALS), and galectin protein expression were determined using RT-qPCR and immunoblotting, respectively. Neutrophilic differentiation was measured via a spectrofluorometric assay. DNA methylation and JNK signaling were investigated as galectin regulatory mechanisms. Menadione-induced oxidative stress, DMSO-induced differentiation, DNA hypomethylation and JNK signaling all promoted similar galectin expression profiles. Antioxidant N-acetylcysteine attenuated the menadione-induced galectin expression but only partially attenuated DMSO-induced galectin expression. Galectin inhibitory sugars decreased cell proliferation and inhibited differentiation. Finally, correlative analysis suggests galectins are biomarkers of oxidative stress and cellular differentiation. My findings indicate that galectins represent novel therapeutic targets in the context of acute myeloid leukemia and their expression profiles can be considered biomarkers of oxidative cell stress and differentiation.