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Doctor of Philosophy


Medical Biophysics


Dr. Samani


Assessment of electrical impedance of biological tissues at low frequencies offers a great potential for a safe, simple, and low-cost medical breast imaging techniques such as mammography. As such, in this dissertation a mammography method which uses tissue electrical impedance to detect breast malignancies was developed. The dissertation also introduces a new technique for measuring the dielectric properties of biological tissues at low frequencies. The impedance mammography technique introduced in this study is founded on the assumption that dielectric values of breast malignancies are significantly higher than the dielectric values of normal breast tissues. While previous studies have shown that this assumption is valid at high frequencies (50MHz-20GHz), less research efforts have been dedicated to ascertain the validity of such assumption at low frequencies (in silico and tissue mimicking phantom studies. Results of this investigation suggest that imaging the electrical impedance properties of biological tissues through the proposed electrical impedance mammography can be potentially employed for breast cancer detection in a reliable and safe manner.