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Master of Education




Dr. Immaculate Namukasa


Using an evaluative tool, the Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTEd) Instrument, mathematics teacher education syllabi were analyzed to determine the extent to which practice lines up with research at the mathematics teacher educator level. Analysis revealed that only moderate evidence of research-to-practice was found. Technology and assessment were the only categories that were correlated across all combinations of the data set (elementary, secondary, full) to overall score. Consequently, technology and assessment may be overall indicators of the level of research-to-practice contained in mathematics teacher education courses. The elementary and secondary course syllabi only differed in the area of content knowledge (elementary evidenced higher levels). This is consistent with literature, where more content knowledge may be necessary for pre-service elementary teachers. Finally, course hours were not related to overall score. Therefore, more course hours may not be the panacea for ensuring a research-to-practice connection is forged during pre-service mathematics teacher education courses.