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Master of Science




Jinfei Wang


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has the capability of acquiring high spatial and temporal resolution images. This new technology fills the data gap between satellite and ground survey in agriculture. In addition, UAV-based crop monitoring and methods are new challenge of remote sensing application in agriculture.

First, in my thesis the potential of UAV-based imagery was investigated to monitor spatial and temporal variation of crop status in comparison with RapidEye. The correlation between red-edge indices and LAI and biomass are higher for UAV-based imagery than that of RapidEye. Secondly, the nitrogen weight and yield in wheat was predicted using the UAV-based imagery. The intra-field nitrogen prediction model performs well at wheat early growth stage. Additionally, the best data collection time for yield prediction is at the end of booting stage. The results demonstrate the UAV-based data could be an alternative effective and affordable approach for farmers on intra-field management.