Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. Rajiv K. Varma

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Mohammad R. Dadash Zadeh

Joint Supervisor


This thesis is mainly focused on developing optimization-based models for scheduling of energy storage units. At first, a real-time optimal scheduling algorithm is developed seeking to maximize the storage revenue by exploiting arbitrage opportunities available due to the inter-temporal variation of electricity prices. The electricity price modulation is proposed as an approach to competitively offer incentive by the utility regulator to storage to fill the gap between current and a stable rate of return. Subsequently, the application of large-scale storage for congestion relief in transmission systems as an ancillary service to the grid is investigated. An algorithm is proposed for the following objectives: (i) to generate revenue primarily by exploiting electricity price arbitrage opportunities and (ii) to optimally prepare the storage to maximize its contribution to transmission congestion relief. In addition, an algorithm is proposed to enable independently operated, locally controlled storage to accept dispatch instructions issued by Independent System Operators (ISOs). While the operation of locally controlled storage is optimally scheduled at the owner’s end, using the proposed algorithm, storage is fully dispatchable at the ISO’s end. Finally, a model is proposed and analyzed to aggregate storage benefits for a large-scale load. The complete model for optimal operation of storage-based electrical loads considering both the capital and operating expenditures of storage is developed. The applications of the proposed algorithms and models are examined using real-world market data adopted from Ontario’s electricity market and actual load information from a large-scale institutional electricity consumer in Ontario.