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Master of Science




Dr. Donald H. Saklofske


Traditionally, mental and physical health have been considered indicators of successful aging. However, resiliency, the propensity to bounce back from negative events, is beginning to emerge as an important aspect of aging successfully. Further, possessing emotional intelligence (EI) has been associated with improved physical and mental health. Positive emotions consistently demonstrate numerous mental and physical health benefits, however savouring, the process through which positive emotions are focused on, has comparatively been under-studied. The present study hypothesized that savouring, resiliency and EI would predict physical health in older adults, and that savouring would mediate the relationship between resiliency, EI, and mental health. Contrary to hypotheses, none of the variables significantly predicted physical health. In partial support of hypotheses, savouring mediated the relationship between resiliency and mental health, but did not mediate the relationship between EI and mental health when the two models were combined.