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Master of Health Information Science


Health Information Science


Kamran Sedig


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the use of information visualization to represent specific social determinants of health, and to examine the benefits of such representation for health policymaking. Methods: The study developed a prototype for a visualization tool (www.healthvisualization.ca), which represents the conceptual framework for the social determinants of health (CSDH) and new ways to represent related health equity indicators. This tool was used by study participants. The experience of these participants and the usability of the tool were evaluated using qualitative semi-structured interviews. Results: Visualizing the CSDH framework helps to present the social determinants of health more effectively, allowing better visualization of indicators. Communicating healthcare indicators to policymakers is a complex task because of the complexity of these indicators. Conclusions: The contribution of information visualization to policymaking could only be understood by taking into consideration the different factors that impact health decision-making and evidence uptake.