Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Jun Yang


Electronic textiles (e-textiles) have been considered as important applications in wearable electronics, which can combine the functionality of smart electronic devices with the comfort and flexibility of stylish clothing. Herein, we have successfully prepared a conductive textile via electroless deposition onto cotton textiles by using a three-step treatment process. The cotton textiles are first dipped in P4VP-SU8 solution to form a uniform layer for the subsequent absorption of silver ions. Then, the cotton textiles are immersed in silver nitrate solution in preparation for the next step electroless deposition. The sheet resistance can be as low as 0.05 Ωsq-1. Two sensors were made based on the copper coated cotton textiles. One is flexible pressure sensor, the other is ECG sensor. Both sensors performed well, proving this method is a promising candidate for applications in the fabrication of functional textile-based wearable devices.