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Master of Arts




Dr. Shannon Stewart

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Alan Leschied

Joint Supervisor


To date, there is a paucity of research examining service utilization in relation to aggression in youth, particularly when addressing the typologies of reactive and proactive aggression. This study aimed to determine how subtypes of aggression (reactive, proactive or comorbid) present for service allocation and cost. Participants consisted of 1283 youth receiving care in the province of Ontario, Canada. Bivariate and multivariate analyses using logistic regression were used. Results revealed significant associations between age and aggression type with service utilization. In particular, service complexity was most present for those with comorbid aggression. Those who were identified as reactive were significantly younger in age. No association between type of aggression and sex were found. Due to the scantiness of information for resource allocation for subtypes of aggression, this study will make a significant contribution to the field in assisting service providers and further providing implications for practice.