Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. Ruth Martin


Value-based health systems, where the fundamental goal of the system is to maximize patient value, have been suggested as a means to improve health service delivery. However, our understanding of various stakeholder values in Ontario is limited. This study collected interview responses from 26 Ontario hospital Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in an attempt to understand their personal values, alignment with health-system values, and use of values to drive decision-making. Results suggest that Ontario hospital CEOs have two value sets; a set of core values (i.e. integrity, compassion, empathy) that are established at a young age and are largely non-negotiable, and a set of practical values (i.e. transparency, impact, engagement) that are established throughout the career journey and are specific to the leadership role. By developing an understanding of hospital CEO values, this research contributes to the growing body of evidence supporting value-based health systems, and hopes to act as a catalyst for value-based reform by aligning leadership values with consumer values.